Who we are.

Our company has been associated with the craft of building traditional apparatus and tanks since

The family-run company, now in its fourth generation, is located in Duisburg, one of the main logistics hubs in Europe.

We are partner to a very wide variety of industries, and have been guaranteeing quality, expertise and an extremely high degree of fexibility in the manufacture of apparatus, pipes and tanks for over 100 years.

h2 What we do.

Our employees in design, process engineering and manufacturing guarantee smooth implementation; they master the construction of high-quality systems with custom specifications oriented on the individual customer and use.

We process all weldable steels such as structural steels, fine-grained structural steels, boiler plates, heat-resistant steels, stainless and acid-resistant steels, and special steels. Our production plant has a floor area of 3,000 m2, and from there we supply to numerous sectors, including the chemicals industry, furnace construction sector, and metallurgical plants.

Our speciality lies in particular with longitudinally welded pipes and tubes from 5,000 mm in size down to very small diameters of 420 mm and very large wall thicknesses of 10-150 mm – for example for shredder plant drums, wire and cable drums, well and drill pipes, special pipes for rollers in the paper and foil industry, and shut-off pipes for road and subway construction. In heavy steel construction, we manufacture products that are up to 70 tonnes in weight.

All tubes are custom-made, and manufactured according to our customers’ specifications. All Schäfer tubes can also be manufactured as a finished product for the corresponding use, i.e. attachments and installations such as washer discs and bearing rings for cable drums, or support and head rings for paper rollers.